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Boston Voyager Interview:

 Pat Forbes is an accomplished and award winning painter whose art has been influenced by years of travel to unique and remote places around the globe.  Her work is represented in private collections both in the United states and internationally.  Primarily an abstract painter, inspiration for her paintings springs from the world she sees around her.  Nature’s seemingly random designs reflect the constants that inform her work.  

Although not professionally trained as an artist,  she was mentored by other artists who shared their knowledge and techniques, giving her not only insight into how to draw and paint but what it means to see oneself as an artist.  Most important perhaps was learning to trust her own instincts.

As a young woman there was not much time for painting while raising two daughters as a single parent.  Cooking, quilting, homemaking  and decorating helped satisfy her artistic yearning.  Owning an oriental carpet business engaged her with art of a different kind.  She was surrounded by beautiful, unique, handmade Middle Eastern and Central Asian rugs, textiles and objects of daily life.  They used colors, techniques, and designs handed down over centuries one women to another unique from village to village.  Travel to obscure places enriched her life and afforded her the opportunity to meet people from many cultures.  She spent extensive time in Turkey visiting village women and watching them weave just as they had for a thousand years.  These experiences gave her an awareness and deep appreciation for a woman's impulse to make her home beautiful be it a tent, a yurt, or a townhouse. 

Today she is blessed to spend her days watching the ocean and sky, waking early, walking on a misty beach, and painting in her studio.  

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